Shadow of a Doubt | Zoe Koke, Fantavious Fritz, Cole Kush and Matt Krysko

Opening reception Friday June 24th 2016

Shadow of A Doubt brings together a selection of video works by artists who position the familiar materiality of cinematic ambiance within a space of altered temporal impermanence. A subterranean exhibition site in host of isolated worlds, imagined realities, and focused desires, while avatars and musicians shape shift with the viewer in a recombinant experience of pace, colour and tone. 

Cole Kush - Cole Kush is a filmmaker and animator based in Edmonton, Canada. His works tend towards absurd, unsettling comedy, often finding the bizarre in the mundane. Kush has collaborated with Mac DeMarco, Doug Lussenhop, and a wide range of musicians to create innovative visual work. His videos have been shown at numerous festivals such as the 2015 LA Film Festival and Nevada City Film Festival. His work can be found

Zoe Koke - Zoe Koke is an interdisciplinary artist who lives in Montreal, Canada. Her work can be considered both a feminist act of scavenging to explore the pressures of patriarchal capitalism as well as a musing of notions of success and perfection. She has exhibited internationally and works collaboratively as often as possible in dance and film. 

Matt Krysko – Matt Krysko is an artist and musician based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Fantavious Fritz - Fantavious Fritz is a Canadian film maker and photographer. 
He is a founding member of the Lion Attack Motion Picture Collective.