Secret Eight and The Apartment present Pressure Point, an exhibition of artwork that pushes up against points of social contention with cultural rebellion.

Rooted in youth culture these works use the anarchism of the skate scene, the snarl of grime rap, the violence of the dislocated aboriginal, all forms of teen rebellion, to inform their individual styles and subjects. The works of art included have an actual formalpressure, a material tension that is a point of symbolic rupture.

This exhibition was organized by The Apartment at the invitation of Secret Eight Project Space. This dedicated exhibition space occupies a subterranean shop vestibule adjacent to Less17, a mens retail outlet in Calgary, Alberta. Through an ambitious public program of exhibitions, live events and offsite projects Secret Eight Project Space endeavors to play a key role in supporting emerging artistic practices and ideas. Installations are site specific, allowing artists and curators to independently develop alternative modes of production, display and dissemination in a broad public context.

Special thanks to Catriona Jefferies for the participation of Raymond Boisjoly and Franco Noero for the inclusion of Andrew Dadson.

Curated by Lee Plested