Secret Eight Project Space is an experimental exhibition, performance, event and education platform that features both emerging and established artistic practices.


Secret Eight Project Space was initiated in July 2014 by artist and curator Austin Taylor. The dedicated exhibition space occupies a permanently sealed subterranean shop vestibule adjacent to retail shop Less17, which offers street level access to the gallery.

Through an ambitious public program of exhibitions, live events and offsite projects Secret Eight Project Space endeavors to play a key role in supporting emerging practices and ideas. Secret Eight Project Space is dedicated to providing a platform for artists to produce new works that exist beyond institutional frameworks. Installations are artist-directed allowing work to independently develop alternative modes of production, display and dissemination.

Secret Eight Project Space is characterized by unorthodox gallery conditions. A brick wall, roll shutter, internal window bay and concrete stairs are contained by an industrial doorway. The dynamic space is unique to Calgary and often acts as a starting point for the development of commissioned work. Previous exhibited artists include Omar Lalani, Dana Buzzee, Jesse Stilwell, Andrew Dadson, Raymond Boisjoly, Aaron Chan, Zachari Logan, Mathew Browning, Nicole Brunel and Dick Jewell

Secret Eight Project Space is committed to supporting emerging and underrepresented arts practices remaining independent with emphasis on experimentation and risk stimulating ongoing public discourse around art. Secret Eight Project Space is a publisher of catalogues, essays and curatorial projects. Special focus is given to artist-initiated publication with each exhibition circulating a limited edition monograph. Secret Eight Project Space publications are distributed regionally, nationally and internationally to a network of independent bookstores and shops.